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Sheffield man put behind bars after committing multiple burglaries

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15 November 2023 11:31

A 42-year-old Sheffield man has been jailed for three years after being sentenced for multiple burglary offences.

Glen Thackarey, of Eastern Avenue, Sheffield, appeared in Sheffield Crown Court on Friday (10 November) and was sentenced after pleading guilty to two dwelling burglaries and multiple commercial burglaries in Sheffield city centre.

The court heard how Thackarey broke into multiple locations between September 2022 and January 2023, stealing multiple parcels, a wallet and a Burberry purse worth £150.

Temporary Detective Sergeant Susan Fox, said: “Thackarey has been wanted by us for a number of months and I am pleased Thackarey has been in court and is now serving time behind bars.

“Burglary has a lasting impact on victims, and we hope this sentencing serves as justice for them.”

Thackarey pleaded not guilty at Sheffield Crown Court on 15 August 2023, but later pleaded guilty at the beginning of the trial. He was sentenced on 10 November 2023.