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Sheffield man jailed for rape

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08 February 2024 15:53

A Sheffield man has been jailed for eight and a half years after raping a 12-year-old girl in a local park.

Sheffield Crown Court heard how 21-year-old Lewis Stacey deceived the young girl over Snapchat messages by using a false name and convincing her he was 15-years-old.

The victim initially met Stacey in June 2022, and during the meeting he raped her twice. Stacey then arranged to meet the girl again in a park in July 2022, where he led her into some bushes and raped her again.

Detective Constable Jason Earl, officer in the case, said: “The young victim very bravely came forward and reported to the police what Stacey had done to her.

“Upon his arrest, Stacey initially denied having ever met the victim and only entered a guilty plea when forensic evidence proved he was responsible for the offences.

“This incident has had a profound effect on the victim and I would like to praise her for the tremendous courage and dignity she has shown throughout the investigation and court proceedings.

“I am pleased that Stacey is behind bars where he can do no further harm, and I hope this sentencing allows the victim to attempt to move forward with her life.

“South Yorkshire Police takes all reports of rape extremely seriously and will work tirelessly to bring offenders to justice.”

Stacey, of Richmond Hall Road, appeared before Sheffield Crown Court on 6 October 2023, where he pleaded guilty to four counts of rape of a child under 13.

On Thursday 8 February he was sentenced to eight and half years in prison, given a fifteen year restraining order restricting him from contacting the victim, and handed and given an eight and half years sexual harm prevention order starting upon his release from prison.

Lewis Stacey